Mississippi State University’s Graduate School no longer requires the GRE or GMAT for admissions purposes. However, some departments may require these test scores to be eligible for an assistantship. Please contact departments directly for more information on applying for a graduate assistantship. Visit the Office of the Graduate School’s Test Score Requirements Notice for more information.

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This degree is an innovative approach to joining the demands of employers wanting employees with advanced degrees with customizable degree plans to meet the interests and time demands of students. The program is a unique way to build the knowledge base and academic proficiency of students who would like to further their education in a professional school.

Program highlights:

  • Our faculty are committed to serving the citizens of this state through teaching, research and extension programs.
  • You will work closely with major professors in your field of interest, gaining knowledge and experience.
  • You can tailor your degree to your needs.
What are some potential careers?

An advanced degree in Animal and Dairy Sciences can afford you numerous career opportunities. Many companies involved in animal agriculture are seeking individuals who bring the experience of advanced coursework and the ability to conduct and interpret research to their businesses. In addition to jobs in the animal feeding, breeding, production and health management industries, an advanced degree in Animal and Dairy Sciences can also give you an advantage in the basic and molecular sciences.

Who should pursue this degree?

Students interested in obtaining jobs in a whole host of areas, including Extension work, teaching, sales, marketing, finance or production should pursue this degree.

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