Mississippi State has a variety of scholarships available to help offset the cost of your education. Scholarships may be based on need, academic performance or service. If you’re a candidate for a scholarship you may begin the general application process here. Follow these basic steps:

    1. Have you been admitted to the university yet? If not, use the undergraduate admission and graduate admission.
    2. Once admitted, log into your myState account using your NetID and NetPassword that you received in the mail after acceptance.
    3. A new window will pop up, and you’ll need to log in again using your NetID and NetPassword. (Yes, we realize this is a little redundant!) When you log in the first time, you’ll need to complete the general application. Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button so you’ll be able to return to your stored info later.
    4. After you’ve submitted your general application, we encourage you check in regularly. Additional opportunities may be recommended to you over time based on your GPA, leadership, service and record. You wouldn’t want to miss out on something that important.

    Do you have questions about any of this? The Office of Admissions and Scholarships can help, 662.325.2224.