We strive to make the process of test taking work best for each individual online student. So, you have three options if proctoring is required for your exam. However, some courses have specified proctoring protocols. You should always review the course syllabus or check with your instructor before the exam time.

  • Use Honorlock online - This is MSU’s official online proctoring system. Honorlock meets the University’s and SACS-COC’s requirements for academic integrity. More information about using Honorlock can be found using the Honorlock Resource page. For additional questions, you may contact Tracy Craven.
  • Utilize a proctor in your area – Please read the information below about Student Responsibilities.
  • Set an appointment to test on campus in Starkville – A Proctor Request form must be submitted and a time scheduled. Failure to make an appointment may result in missing the test deadline. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, appointments in the Testing Center are limited.

Student Responsibilities

Students utilizing a proctor in their location or on campus must submit this Proctor Request form for approval at least two weeks before the exam date or the date otherwise stated on your syllabus. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the proctor.

You’ll be required to fill out one form per class that requires a proctor. If you use the same proctor for all tests within that class, only the initial form is needed. If you change proctors, you’ll need to fill out another form. Failure to send in the completed form at least two weeks before the exam will result in an exam or passcode not being sent to the proctor. Falsification of this form or proctor information will result in academic discipline.

Proctor Guidelines

Who Can Be a Proctor?

The proctor must hold one of the following occupational titles:

  • Public or Certified Librarian
  • School Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal
  • Local college/professional testing center staff or testing administrator
  • Professional learning/tutoring center
  • Embassy Education Officer, military base/station education officer
  • Overseas military Noncommissioned Officer in Charge or Officer in Charge

Who Cannot Be a Proctor?

  • Spouse or other relative, girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Friend or peer
  • Coach
  • Student or grad student

All proctors must provide a professional e-mail address and physical work address to verify his/her title. If the proctor charges a fee, payment is the responsibility of the student, not the university. If the proctor is unable to fulfill the required duties, it is his/her responsibility to notify both the student and Mississippi State Online immediately. It is the student’s responsibility to find a qualified replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, the student should contact Gail Miller, 662.325.2677, in the MSU Online office.

Exams or passcodes will be delivered to the approved proctor with instructions for appropriate supervision three to five days prior to the exam date, only if the proctor form is received two weeks prior to the exam. Proctors must be approved by MSU Online and the faculty member responsible for the class. Passcodes will be sent to the official business e-mail address only. You must present a photo ID to the proctor for verification before you begin the exam.