Find Your Class

The Online MBA classes are delivered online, using the course delivery platform Canvas. A few professors use other websites. In those cases, there will be a link in the Canvas course site directing you to the instructor's preferred website.

The course sites are made available to the professor and students 5-10 days before the start of classes. You may see a message on the site if you log in before the first day of classes that says:

"No Web Course Tools Available. There are currently no Web Course Tools defined for this course. Your instructor will notify you if Canvas or any other course tools will be used."

Please don't be concerned if you do not find any material posted on the Canvas site for your course. The professors often wait until the first day of class to upload material.

If you want to see a list of classes for which you have already registered, follow these instructions. These instructions will also lead you to Canvas course sites and professors' names and e-mail addresses.

  1. Go to the myState login page.
  2. Suggestion: Set this URL as a favorite on your browser.

  3. Log in.
  4. If you do not know your NetID, click on "look up NetID", which is located towards the bottom of the Secure Access Login box. Then follow instructions for setting the password for first time users. After you have your NetID and password, return to myState and log in.

    Your myState Account appears. From this portal you can access the Banner Tab and view the course catalogue, register for classes, update personal information, view your billing statement and much more.

  5. Select the Classroom Tab
  6. A list of courses for which you have registered appears. If you click on the course name, it takes you to the Canvas site for that course.

    If you want to contact your professor and they have not posted contact information yet on Canvas, return to the Classroom Tab and course list and you will see the professor's name and e-mail.

    The e-mail posted at the course listing is the default e-mail for that professor. Some professors do not use that e-mail address prior to start of class, and do not check it daily. They may give you an alternate e-mail to use even after the class starts. If they do not respond to your e-mail, you can look up their primary e-mail address by returning to your myState account page and selecting Compose in My E-Mail Inbox. When the Compose E-Mail Box appears, select Address. From the Address Source drop-down menu, select MSU Directory. From the Search For drop-down menu select Last Name, and in the Include box enter the Professor's last name. Click Search, and locate your professor's name in the search results. If you still are not successful reaching the professor, it may be because they are a new instructor and not in the directory. For their contact information, or if you have trouble registering for classes or accessing Online MBA course delivery technology, e-mail Samantha Clardy at

    For academic advising e-mail Elissa Landers at