Marketing Services

The Center for Distance Education offers marketing and recruitment support to all online programs at Mississippi State University. As a support unit for online programs, CDE services are free to academic units and colleges involved in Campus 5 delivery. Not sure where to start? That's ok! We're here to bridge your content knowledge with our backgrounds in marketing, communication and recruitment!


Need help finding prospective students? We would enjoy strategizing about who your ideal students are and where to find them. Contact your program coordinator today to set up a recruitment brainstorming session! We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach because each program has unique characteristics.

Graphic Design

You want to speak to potential students with the right messaging, but have you considered the right creative approach? CDE offers graphic design consultations and services to all of Mississippi State's online programs. We'd love to create something that speaks to the unique students involved in your degree, certificate or course offering. We can help you select images, colors, overall look and feel all while holding to Mississippi State's Visual Identity Standards. (link to VIS) We can design website banners, social media posts, brochures, print ads, billboards and more. Let's chat to see how graphic design services can complement the recruitment and marketing strategies for your online program.

Marketing Consultation

Not really sure what your online program needs? Want some ideas to grow enrollment or increase program awareness? Some reasons for a marketing consultation include but are not limited to:

  • Enrollment management
  • Event promotion
  • New class promotion
  • New program or certificate offering
  • Tracking your marketing and recruitment return on investment

Web Design & Development

CDE develops and maintains the infrastructure of all online program websites. CDE assists in developing the look and feel for web sites, updating all content, assisting in redevelopment and maintenance of sites over time and advises staff and outside departments on how to best optimize their content for online deployment, while following university standards and providing web best practices. Support is provided to academic departments to update information and track all website traffic and provide analytics for site improvements.


Google Analytics. Social analytics. Search Engine Optimization. What does it all mean? We can help you track the return on investment and provide data to inform your next advertising spend. We work with industry leaders to help you make better use of the resources you have and help programs stand out in the crowded online education market. If you want to dive deeply into the data, we're here to help through best practices and industry knowledge.


Need photos for advertising or recruitment? Let us know how we can support your creative ideas with engaging photography. Mississippi State Online has captivating coursework and students to showcase. We can visit your classes or Capstone courses to bring the neat opportunities offered in your program to light.


Have a great video idea but no camera? We can help! CDE can shoot and edit short-form videos specific to online programs.