Program Structure

Your online bachelor's degree in history involves taking at least 124 credit hours total, including 39 in the History department and 59 in other disciplines. (This includes AP, CLEP, and transfer credit you may have.)

You'll take 12 hours in 1000-level survey History courses, another 24 hours in upper-level History courses, and our capstone Historiography and Historical Methods course. We offer courses in American history, European history, military and diplomatic history, African-American history, environmental history, the history of science, and several other fields.

You'll also take courses in a variety of other fields, including:

  • 6 hours in mathematics
  • 9 hours in the sciences
  • 3 hours of public speaking
  • 2-3 hours in computer literacy
  • 9 hours in philosophy, literature, and the humanities
  • 18 hours of social sciences
  • 3 hours in the fine arts
  • 9 hours in a foreign language (up to the third semester of a language, unless you test out of this requirement)