Comprehensive Exam

The date for the Comprehensive Exam is April 7, 2022 for students who are graduating in Spring 2022.

Comprehensive Exam Application Form

  • You must complete the Comprehensive Exam Application form (above) and mail or email it to Dr. Barry P. Hunt, Health Promotion, P.O. Box 9805, Mississippi State, MS 39762 or via e-mail at This form is due on March 24, 2022.
  • All Health Promotion students' planning to graduate in Spring 2022 will need to complete an Application for Degree form. The "Apply For A Degree" form can be found in the myBanner for Students section under "Academic Records" at the myState login. You must submit this form by the deadline, along with the appropriate fee, in order to graduate. The deadline for this application is March 25, 2022. Please consult the Academic Calendar for late application deadlines.
  • If you are interested in taking the comprehensive exam, please contact Dr. Hunt for more information at

Comprehensive Exam Information

To be eligible to take the comprehensive exam, you must be enrolled in a class at MSU during the semester you want to take it.

  • Please note that successful completion of the comprehensive exam is a requirement for graduation.
  • You must be within six (6) hours of graduating and/or in your final semester in the program and enrolled in an MSU class (as opposed to transfer credit) in order to qualify to take the comprehensive exams.
  • The comprehensive examination consists of a day-long exam (given in two, three- hour sessions) covering the Core classes in the program. The five classes covered are FNH 8593, FNH 8523, FNH 8553, FNH 8613, and FNH 8653. The exams are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Students' failing the written portion of the exam may, at the discretion of program faculty, be given the opportunity to remediate shortcomings.
  • Failure to pass the comprehensive exams will otherwise result in dismissal from the graduate program.

Exam Procedures:

**Special Notice:

At this point in time, our intent is to offer the comprehensive exam in our traditional formats (i.e., on-campus in Rm 211 Herzer or via proctor for distance students). Given the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, we will monitor and follow university safety protocols. If it is deemed too risky to be on-campus (or with a proctor), we will adjust the exam format as needed. Please keep in touch with Dr. Hunt and/or your advisor for up-to-date information.


Exams will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Each instructor grades the answers for his/her own course. Students will be notified by Dr.Gardner of their results as soon as possible. It usually takes approximately one week for exams to be graded and results reported.


  • You may not use any outside materials or references when completing your exam.
  • Since the exams are graded on a pass/fail basis, it is very important that you provide as thorough an answer as possible for each question. All questions require written answers (essay, listing, etc.). Be sure to respond in the manner asked for in the question.
  • Per MSU policy, students' not passing the comprehensive exam may be dismissed from their graduate program OR offered an opportunity to remediate their answers. The decision to dismiss a student or allow remediation is at the discretion of program faculty.
  • Prepare as thoroughly as you can for comprehensive exams. If you have any questions prior to the exam please contact: If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your advisor: