Getting Started


Are you thinking about bringing a course or program online? Maybe you have an idea for a certificate, minor, or an entirely new program, but you're not sure where to start. We can help. Our consultation team can assist you, your department, and your faculty with getting started. We can provide support in many ways, including:

Our consultation team is happy to meet individually with anyone considering taking that first or second step. We also welcome the opportunity to speak briefly at your next faculty meeting or retreat to answer any questions you may have about what taking a program or series of courses online would entail.

Contact Dr. Susan Seal or Marian Montgomery Chancellor for a consult today!

Program Coordinators

Each college has a coordinator assigned to it. He or she is your dedicated point of contact. Your coordinator is there not only to support you with your needs but also your students with any questions they may have throughout their academic career.

The Center for Distance Education is your one-stop shop for all online education matters. Reach out to your coordinator if you have questions, recommendations, or ideas, especially if you are working on bringing a course or program online. We are happy to help!

Market Research

If you are considering developing a current or new program online, you want to ensure that it will be viable in the marketplace and relevant to potential students. Who would be interested in the program? What employers are hiring candidates with the degree you are developing? Are other universities already offering it?

The Center for Distance Education can help. Our in-house research team can provide comparability studies, MSU statistics for online programs, and more.

You may, however, have a wider range of questions that require a deeper dive. We have partnered with the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to conduct market research studies via the Continuing and Online Education Forum. Our membership affords us access to a ton of great research and resources online. If you are interested in learning more about the type of research that EAB can provide, please contact Marian Montgomery Chancellor for a consultation.

Enriching the online experience for you and your students matters to us.

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