Capstone Course

The capstone project course (WFA 8763) is designed for students to apply their knowledge and skills gained from their successful completion of the major required courses in the M.S. in Conservation Education degree program. Students will seek out an organization that is involved with conservation education to develop a short-term partnership. During the partnership, students will evaluate the organization’s conservation education program, identify a need, and develop and deliver a tailored conservation education project to the conservation organization.

To aid in successful completion of the capstone project, the student and the conservation organization are supplied with Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture faculty developed rubrics. These rubrics are designed to provide guidance for the implementation of the project. Additionally, the rubrics uphold academic rigor and standardize evaluation across capstone projects.

Additionally, during the capstone project course, students will obtain further detailed information about the final comprehensive exam; a requirement for all non-thesis degrees (see Graduate catalog). To meet requirements, students are encouraged to schedule and complete their final comprehensive exam during the capstone project course.