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The Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures (CMLL) at Mississippi State University offers a dynamic and growing M.A. program in Foreign Languages (French, German and Spanish). Our graduate courses focus on literature, culture and film with a strong foundation in language pedagogy. Our program provides an extremely flexible and interdisciplinary course of study. We also work with the English department to provide instruction in linguistics to interested students. Our M.A. students can also obtain, while working towards their degree, a teaching license with a specially designed Pathway to Licensure in World Languages.

Program highlights:

  • Roughly one-third of our graduates go into teaching at the secondary or post-secondary levels, and another quarter of our graduates continue study in a Ph.D. program. Several of our graduates have also pursued work abroad following the completion of their degrees.
  • 30-36 hours are required for degree completion.
What are some potential careers?

Careers can be quite varied for individuals with foreign language degrees. Banking, corporate communications, translating, teaching and intelligence work are just a few of the fields that value an employee with this credential.

Who should pursue this degree?

A person with a love for language should pursue this degree. Career opportunities are varied which means there is a good fit for almost any interest.

"With tens of online classes across four different languages (French, German, Spanish, and Latin), the online MA in Foreign Languages allows its students the maximum flexibility to fit anyone's needs. Whether you want to complete your degree in two years or take one class at a time, whether you want to improve your spoken language proficiency or read literary masterpieces in their original, our online MA will provide you with an ideal opportunity."

Dr. Salvador Bartera, Graduate Coordinator

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