Ph.D. Program

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering with Chemical Engineering Concentration - Direct Admission

CHE XXXX Graduate-level coursework 36
Dissertation Research/dissertation 20
Total Hours: 56

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering with Chemical Engineering Concentration - Post Masters

CHE XXXX Graduate-level coursework 12
Dissertation Research/dissertation 20
Total Hours: 32

Completion Requirements for Ph.D. Students

Qualifying Exam

The qualifying exam will consist of two stages: 1) a written comprehensive exam; and 2) an oral comprehensive exam.

  1. Written Examination: Students will write a research proposal on the topic of their dissertation research. The deadline for proposal submission with be middle of the third semester (mid-October for Fall admits or mid-March for Spring admits). This will be read and approved by the research Advisor. Once approved by the Advisor, the student will present the proposed research topic to his/her dissertation committee.
  2. Oral Examination: Upon passing the written exam with Advisor approval, the student will orally defend the proposal wither at the end of the 3rd semester or the beginning of the 4th semester. A vote by the dissertation committee will indicate passage of the comprehensive exam.
Comprehensive Exam

The student takes the comprehensive examination typically at the end of 3rd year or beginning of the 4th year. Students must be within 6 hours of coursework completion excluding any internship/practicum courses. This exam is scheduled in consultation with the major professor i.e. major professor should concur that adequate progress has been made in research. Successful completion of the comprehensive exam will result in the Ph.D. student being admitted to Ph.D. candidacy.

Publication requirement

Doctoral students will be required to prepare and submit a minimum of two publications prior to the dissertation defense, for which they are first author. One publication must be for a peer-reviewed journal while the other may be for a published conference proceeding.

Dissertation Defense

All PhD students must prepare and successfully defend the dissertation before a committee composed of faculty members of the University.