Academic Programs

Bachelor's Degree

Advance your career by obtaining your bachelor's degree using approved technical credit earned through an accredited community college or the military.

Explore how to strategically craft messages that promote understanding and mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

Dive deeply into the study of people, cultures, and events that have shaped today's world by pursuing a bachelor's degree in history.

Acquire critical thinking, leadership and decision-making skills as you prepare for a career in an ever-changing global market.

Learn about areas that affect students' learning and achievement including motivation, individual differences in abilities, student exceptionalities, creative thinking, and personality.

Motivate the children of our future by becoming a pre-K-3rd grade or a K-6th grade teacher. Online courses help teacher candidates learn the essential foundations for instructing children while providing hands-on experience through a classroom internship.

Attain the meteorological knowledge you need to improve your weather forecasting skills. One in three current weathercasters has been trained through this program, and so can you.

Gain the knowledge of working with children and families in an effort to support positive child outcomes and explore the growth and development of children the family system and sociocultural milieu by pursuing a bachelor's degree in child development.

Jump start your career in the manufacturing sector or in the automation of manufacturing processes. Obtain supervisory and management positions in the production, automation, maintenance or logistics areas of industry.

Discover what you can accomplish by completing your bachelor's degree online. This bachelor's degree allows students maximum flexibility to customize a curriculum that aligns with their personal and career goals.

Discover the many career opportunities available by completing this bachelor's degree online. The Department of Psychology at Mississippi State University offers rewarding opportunities for students thanks to our world-class faculty and their research into the scientific application of psychology.